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Hand to hand leaflet distribution is an extremely effective way of promoting your business because it allows for very specific targeting, it provides an opportunity for interaction with your target market and gets your leaflet placed directly in their hands.

Hand to hand flyer distribution allows the opportunity for interaction, effective demographic targeting and a verbal explanation of the promotion. The exact locations of the promotion staff, their shift times, and the number of field staff are all up to you, allowing you to create a high-impact campaign that’s exactly suited to your requirements.

Our hand to hand teams (field teams) are distinctly different from our door to door distribution teams. Many of them have backgrounds in performing arts and are picked for their outgoing personalities and strong communication skills.

The teams can be kitted out in branded uniforms, and fully briefed so they know what to talk about – and who to aim your flyers at. This makes for really effective, highly targeted campaigns, providing you with great results at low cost.

Professional and high impacting

Our field teams are well presented, enthusiastic and professional. They understand that it’s not about passively handing out leaflets to passers-by but rather it’s about proactively approaching members of your target market and engaging them positively in your campaign; delivering your marketing message as thoroughly as possible and to as many people as possible – all to ensure your field distribution campaign provides the maximum return.

Our field teams can distribute your promotional leaflets across Melbourne to include:

  • Any high street or pedestrianized area
  • Exhibitions, festivals, trade shows and other events.

And that’s not all; we can become brand ambassadors for your business to include:

  • Wearing your company branded clothing
  • Learning your campaign slogans and taglines
  • Learning about the key features of what you’re promoting so as to handle questions from the public.
  • Data capture services, – taking down the contact details of those who want to receive further communication from your business.

After the hand to hand distribution has been carried out, you will receive an end of campaign report; this will include the number of leaflets handed out and other relevant items.

Value for money

You can hire just 1 member of our field team or as many as you need.

You’re in control

You will have full control over the campaign and we will tailor it all to your specifications, this includes, who we target, time schedules, the scope of activity our field team will undertake and more besides. This is all to ensure you get the best results possible.

We cover whole Melbourne and providedistribution service in the following regions

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No matter the size of your budget our team will work to ensure the result is effective and positive. Our expertise in creative design, marketing and pre-press makes your projects come to life and convey the message you are wanting to get across. We offer a professional and cost effective design service, if you are looking for a fresh new look for your catalogues or need changes in existing catalogue.

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