Stationary Printing Melbourne


APFD believes that your letterheads reflects strongly on your business profile, and subsequently offer a range of high quality letterheads printing services in Melbourne for all sized businesses. These letterheads can be printed in any colour combination required to reflect your corporate branding and company profile.Nothing says more about a business than high quality, professional printed letterheads. Despite the popularity of email, letters printed on crisp letterheads command more attention than ever before. You can use letterheads for correspondence, sales proposals, price rate sheets and many other printed business documents.

Letter Head Printing Options:
Size:A4, A5 & Custom
Quantity:All Quantities Available
Colour’s:1, 2, 3, Full Colour and PMS
Thickness:80gsm, 90gsm, 100 gsm& more
Sides:Single or Double

Your envelope can be the first thing your customers see so it’s important that you differentiate yourself from all the other mail that your customers receive.When it comes to envelopes printing in Melbourne we can provide you with the right solution to your envelope printing and tailor something that meets your specific needs, saving you money in the process.

Custom designed and printed envelopes are the perfect introduction for your client correspondence—vibrant colour that will attract attention and admiration.

Envelopes Printing Options:
Finishes:Peal & Seal, Lick & Stick and Self Seal
Face:Plain Face, Window Face, Secretive Plain Face and Secretive Window Face.
QTY:All Quantities Available
Colour’s:1, 2, 3, Full Colour and PMS
Sizes:DL Standard, DLX, C4, C5, C6 & B4
Sides:Single or Double

Want customers to see your brand everyday? Notepads are a versatile marketing opportunity that combines brand reinforcement with functionality.
Would you like to keep your brand in front of your clients and customers all day, every day? Notepads are the perfect, cost-effective method which allows you to easily promote your business.

Your name will be on as many desks as you wish. Keep your business name fresh in the mind of whoever receives one. They are handy, and are used by everyone. Add some notepads to your marketing campaign and see the difference it makes.

APFD prints a range of notepads, notebooks, post it notes and more. For custom designs, sizes, shapes and colours, we can increase your marketing’s effectiveness through quality printing and the widest range of options available in Melbourne.

Corporate Notepads: Round out your corporate identity package with our custom notepads. They’re great for business meeting notes and casual correspondence.

As notepad printing experts in Melbourne, we are able to bring our clients a range of notepad printing options at unbeatable prices, Australia wide.

Our notepads printing are available in different sizes and can be printed in the following colour options:

  • 1 colour notepads
  • 2 colour notepads
  • Full colour notepads
  • PMS colour notepads
  • A6, A5, A4 or any other custom size.
  • Different stocks available 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm and many more.

Presentation Folders Printing Melbourne

Presentation Folders

Our Professional and High Quality Presentation Folders are the perfect way to store and present all of your important business and promotional material. Australian Printing & Flyer Distribution are one of the renowned presentation folder printers in Melbourne with Australia wide delivery.

The Presentation folder may be designed in different dimensions, with features such as business card slots, capacity pockets, and integral brochure pages. Release your creativity and show your clients you mean business with a well-designed company folder.

A Stylish Presentation Folder is a great marketing weapon that helps differentiate your organization from your competitors. Not only does it enhance your company’s image & profile yet it delivers your promotional material to your client in a very neat and professional way.

Folders are generally die cut and can be made to whatever shape you require. They come in a variety of stocks and finishes. Folder pockets can have gussets to accommodate the thickness of material you wish to present.

A company folder can be used to hold important information in varying formats and demonstrates both your versatility in industry and your creativity in presentation. A corporate folder is a vehicle for delivering significant company messages, for example, company literature, leaflets, offers and in house advertisements. It can also be used to present pitches, tenders and presentations in a very professional manner. Creatively designed and printed presentation folders, wallets and covers add a professional finish to your documents, reinforce your message and reflect your brand.

Flyers Printing & Leaflet Printing Melbourne

Flyers Printing & Leaflet Printing

Whatever type of leaflet or flyer printing you require, our flyer printing Melbuorne or pamphlet printing Melbuorne services are known for delivering the highest quality printed flyers in the fastest time possible. We treat every job, big and small with the same amount of care so whether you’re printing 500 flyers or 500,000 flyers, we will make sure that they look professional and are of lowest possible price. We are one of the leading and reliable leaflet printers in Melbuorne.

Flyers or leaflets are the ideal way to get your message straight into the hand of prospective customers or clients. Whether you are a restaurant or nightclub running a special promotion, or a tradesmen looking to bolster business our flyer printing service or leaflet printing service is an excellent way to boost local business.

These versatile marketing marvels are economical to produce and can be mailed out, inserted into magazines, handed out in the street, pushed through letterboxes, displayed in racks, left on counters, pinned to noticeboards…

They can be used to promote anything and everything from a village fete to private jet hire. They can be flat or folded, large or small, thick or flimsy.

APFD can print leaflets and flyers in a range of different sizes, all with a fast turnaround. From A4 flyer printing to DL flyer printing that fit perfectly within an envelope for mailing distribution, our prices are very competitive.

Catalogue Printing & Magazine Printing Melbourne

Catalogue Printing & Magazine Printing


As a specialist catalogue printing company in Melbourne we can save you up to 25% on competitor prices. All we ask is the opportunity to quote and we will prove it to you.

With our expert printing services for full-colour high-quality Catalogue Printing we can provide one of the best services in Melbourne for commercial catalogue printing.

From small digitally printed catalogues through to complex web offset printed catalogues we provide cost effective solutions for both ends of the spectrum. Our catalogues are only printed on the best quality paper for the job and can be finished in various ways, they can be saddle-stitched, spine glued, or perfect bound.

With our team of catalogue printing experts right on hand we can provide the backup and support that you need to do everything from photography, to studio design, pre-press, printing and finishing of your full colour catalogue.

Catalogues are perfect for showcasing your range of products to clients. They are typically printed in full colour and are saddle-stitched. We offer a wide range of inks, paper stock and finishes so that your catalogue can stand out from the rest!


No matter the size of your budget our graphic design team will work to ensure the result is effective and positive. Our expertise in creative design, marketing and pre-press makes your projects come to life and convey the message you are wanting to get across. We offer a professional and cost effective design service, if you are looking for a fresh new look for your catalogues or need changes in existing catalogue. Click here for a free design quote!

Business Cards Printing Melbourne

Business Cards Printing

Looking for business cards printer in Melbourne? APFD understands that your business card is often the first impression you make which is why our business card printing services are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.We pride ourselves in having a wide range of different and unique business card stocks, sizes and finishes and as one of the cost-effective and reliable business card printers in Melbourne.

Business cards should be a conversation starter – something to be kept and acted on. Don’t let your cards let you down when it’s so easy to make something great!  Our designers can tailor a set of cards for you with the most suitable design, shape and finish for your needs, ensuring your business card is still working for you long after the office closes.

Brochures Printing Melbourne

Brochures Printing

Looking for high quality brochures printing company in Melbourne? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you need sales brochures, real estate brochure, product displays brochure, trade editions, menus for your restaurant or cafe or handouts, APFD can provide you with a range of options designed to maximise your marketing and minimise your costs.

A printed brochure is a great way to demonstrate your product or service to a prospective client or customer. We offer a complete brochure printing service. It starts with an eye-catching design from our creative team that will present your business in a professional manner. We will then print your brochures in full colour on our quality machines and finish them with either staples or stitching.

So it’s an important document to get right. These days, brochures come in all shapes and sizes. From the typical three-fold (tri-fold) DL, to smaller A5 (half the size of an A4) mini-books or larger A4 brochures. How you present your company brochure is a personal choice, driven by how much, or how little, you want to tell your clients about your business.

Brochures are distributed by mail, handed personally or placed in brochure racks. Unlike a flyer, a brochure usually uses higher-quality paper, more colour, and is folded. You will attract more customers with a full colour brochure that will create an outstanding first impression. We can supply you with slick, attention-grabbing brochures that will stand the test of time and enhance your business.


Catalogues are perfect for showcasing your range of products to clients. They are typically printed in full colour and are saddle-stitched. We offer a wide range of inks, paper stock and finishes so that your catalogue can stand out from the rest!


No matter the size of your budget our graphic design team will work to ensure the result is effective and positive. Our expertise in creative design, marketing and pre-press makes your projects come to life and convey the message you are wanting to get across. Click here for a free design quote!