B2B- Business to Business Distribution Canberra

 If your target market consists of other businesses then our professional business to business distribution service (B2B) can offer you a great low cost alternative to direct mail campaigns.

We can distribute specifically to business parks, high streets, industrial estates and other specific location types.

B2B distribution is only available on a solo basis due to the very individual needs of each client we serve. We can deliver various marketing materials to businesses of your choice to include:

  • Leaflets
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Menus
  • Product samples

Our distribution agents will hand your promotional material direct to receptionists, sales assistants or other staff members whenever possible or can drop in the mailbox of the business.

Different Tiers of Distribution

We are pleased to offer 2 different type of B2B distribution:

Mass Market Plan

This is where we distribute your promotional material to all types of businesses within a particular area chosen by you. This allows you to get your marketing message out as wide as possible and draw clients from non-specific business sectors and types.

Customised Plan

This is where we distribute your marketing materials to specific types of businesses, i.e. financial services firms, retailers, restaurants and so on.  –  This ensures your marketing message is received only by the specific business types you choose.

Value for money

With our B2B distribution services, and whichever plan you choose, you’ll benefit from APFD distribution’s high quality and professional service including:

Trust APFD to deliver a B2B Campaign that gets you results!
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Please bear in mind that there are far fewer businesses than residential addresses and they can also be much further part from one another, especially if you’re targeting very specific business types. Our prices are based on the realistic labour hours involved in a B2B distribution campaign amongst other factors.

We cover whole Canberra and providedistribution service in the following regions

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No matter the size of your budget our team will work to ensure the result is effective and positive. Our expertise in creative design, marketing and pre-press makes your projects come to life and convey the message you are wanting to get across. We offer a professional and cost effective design service, if you are looking for a fresh new look for your catalogues or need changes in existing catalogue.

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