Flyer Distribution

APFD-Flyer Distribution Sydney recognizes that each company is different and the needs of organizations would vary from company to company big or small. Whether you are a local business or big brand, we can tailor the distribution of all your company’s direct marketing materials to best suit your needs. Due to outstanding methods of organising and planning, our leaflets distribution and flyer distribution service has gained a huge effect on the response we achieve for our clients. We are receiving amazing results in our industry, we are proud to have helped many businesses big and small to gain profits with our unique delivery systems.

We have helped hundreds of businesses to grow just by doing what we do best, offering a reliable leaflet distribution service in Sydney. Our ethos is ‘if you make money, we make money’. With this in mind we keep you in the forefront of our business and invest heavily in technology and systems to make certain your media reaches the door of your target audience.

We recognise that what’s most important to our clients is their advertising material (Leaflets etc.) reaching the doors of their target audience safely. We offer a comprehensive reliable leaflet distribution service in Sydney which surpasses expectation.

APFD deploy a range of monitoring and quality control systems to guarantee that your leaflet reach its targeted letterbox efficiently.

We gurantee!

100% Reliablility

We guarantee a supervised delivery as we carry out random checks on our walkers to ensure they are 100% reliable.

Safe distribution

We do not deliver in extreme weather conditions. This means that your leaflets do not get wet and unusable.

Safe Storage

While your leaflets are waiting for distribution they are stored on our premises in a safe and dry environment.

Hourly Audits

Hourly, daily and weekly audits are done to ensure that your advertising material is delivered on time and to the right areas.

Reliable Adult Walkers

We use professional and reliable Adult Walkers so you can have confidence in the distribution of your expensive advertising material.

Privacy of residents

APFD respects the rights and privacy of residents. The material placed in the No Junk Mail sign letterboxes goes to the bin straight away and your leaflets are wasted as well. Any letterbox displaying a “NO JUNK MAIL” sign will not be delivered to.

Trained Employees

Our employees receive ongoing training on how to correctly deliver your marketing material. This training is reviewed monthly.

GPS Tracked Delivery


GPS – Global Positioning System device which tracks the individual’s route while he or she is walking along each street.

How does the GPS Works?

The GPS device is switched-on and carried in a pocket or on the belt of the deliverer at the start of the distribution work in any Zone. As the deliverer walks along the street, the GPS device tracks and records the speed, elevation and route taken. This data is then uploaded to the computer to verify the distribution work was properly carried out.

GPS Map Report

Get to know everything that happens with your distribution.

Our leaflet distribution is tracked using GPS data loggers which pinpoint the position of the leaflet distributor every few seconds to within about 2 metres.

This will show you the exact route our distributors took to deliver your leaflets. On the long driveways you may get the definition of them delivering to each individual letterbox. When you open the file the tracks are superimposed on the satellite view in Google Maps

GPS Tracked Delivery