GPS Tracked Delivery

We offer a GPS tracked and guaranteed letterbox drops services in Australia.

Our leaflet distribution is tracked using GPS data loggers which pinpoint the position of the leaflet distributor every few seconds to within about 2 metres.

This will show you the exact route our distributors took to deliver your flyers or pamphlets. On the long driveways you may get the definition of them delivering to each individual letterbox. When you open the file the tracks are superimposed on the satellite view in Google Maps.

GPS – Global Positioning System device which tracks the individual’s route while he or she is walking along each street.

How does the GPS Works?

The GPS device is switched-on and carried in a pocket or on the belt of the deliverer at the start of the distribution work in any Zone. As the deliverer walks along the street, the GPS device tracks and records the speed, elevation and route taken. This data is then uploaded to the computer to verify the distribution work was properly carried out.

Each time one of our distributors starts their round they turn on their GPS logger and start to deliver. The tracker takes a reading of their location every few seconds and records this to within a few metres. When the day is complete we can view the finished round on a map. (see example below) and compare it to the original route map to ensure that every house has been delivered to correctly.

The GPS data is then emailed to our clients so that they can see the routes taken during the leaflet distribution process.

Get to know everything that happens with your Distribution Disclaimer for Accuracy of GPS Units. 

GPS tracking unit may at times provide an erroneous reading because of one or all the reasons below

  • GPS unit manufacturers’ state that this type of equipment is accurate to WITHIN 10 METRES so some variation may be apparent with some tracks.
  • We have noted some instances of interference where tracks appear to deviate from a logical course. Most likely this type of interference is from communications equipment such as
    • radio base units,
    • mobile phone cell stations,
    • overhead power cables & power stations
  • Mobile phone and GPS unit in close proximity (hence our walkers are instructed that the GPS Unit and mobile phones are kept very separate).

GPS Tracked Delivery