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When you think of door hangers, you may picture the classic Do Not Disturb sign in your hotel room, but call on your imagination and printed door hangers can be used as a marketing tool in many industries.

APFD can Design, Print & Distribute Door Hangers. There are many TV channels, magazines, newspapers, websites but only ONE FRONT DOOR to enter in the house. Our Door hanger distribution Perth works and has proved very effective and low cost advertisement. It’s a unique idea to spread out word and your promotional message.

Think about it. If you’re approaching a door for the very first time, and a sign or hanger is prominently on display, you’re going to read it.

Perhaps this is because your brain is fine-tuned to watch out for signs that read “BEWARE OF THE LEOPARD.”

Whatever the reason, it’s a guaranteed certainty that an attention-grabbing Door Hanger will be read – and taken very seriously.

Not just on first glance, either. A really powerful design has the potential to be glimpsed and absorbed every single day.

So this is a really effective strategy for getting your business, brand, and contact details firmly implanted into the hearts and minds of your future customer base, without them even consciously realising it.

Our experienced team of top designers at APFD know all the secrets and tricks to help you develop a top-notch hard-working Door Hanger for your business.

Door Hanger Sizes

Door hangers come in four sizes:

  1. Half-A4 long-drop — 297mm high x 105mm wide
    — these door hangers are the same size an A4 letterhead that has been folded in half lengthwise;
  2. Half-A4 fat – 210mm high x 148mm wide (A5-sized)
    — these door hangers are the same size an A4 letterhead that has been folded in half cross-ways;
  3. One-third-A4 slim – 210mm high x 99mm wide
    — these door hangers are the same size an A4 letterhead that has been folded into thirds;
  4. One-quarter-A4 stubbie – 148mm high x 105mm wide
    — these door hangers are the same size an A4 letterhead that has been folded into quarters.

Paper Stock Used

Door hangers are meant to have a life that lasts for quite some time, so the stocks that we use are:

  • 310 GSM Art Board Satin
    for offset printed door hangers; and
  • 300 GSM Gloss
    for digitally printed door hangers.

Whilst the stocks are uncoated, they are sufficiently strong to undertake the task of hanging on door knobs.

Quantities Available

Offset-printed door hangers come in set quantities. These quantities are as small as 500, and as large as 50,000. If you wish to order a larger quantity, then contact us and we will arrange a special quote.

Digitally-printed door hangers are available in almost the quantity that you want. So, if you want exactly 55 door hangers, then you can order that exact number.

Multiple Designs

You can submit up to ten different designs with the one order. However, all designs must be ordered in equal numbers.

So, you could order 500 of each of four different designs (i.e.: a total order of 2,000 door hangers), but you could not order 500 of one design and 1,000 of a second design.

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No matter the size of your budget our team will work to ensure the result is effective and positive. Our expertise in creative design, marketing and pre-press makes your projects come to life and convey the message you are wanting to get across. We offer a professional and cost effective design service, if you are looking for a fresh new look for your catalogues or need changes in existing catalogue.

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