When all of the elements of a direct mail campaign work together, your business can successfully reach out to a wealth of potential new clients and exciting new sources of revenue.

How to Get the Most out of Your Direct Mail Marketing


Before you go down the road of a direct mail-out, ask yourself what you realistically hope to achieve from the exercise.

> Is it increased brand awareness?
> Is it to advertise a new product, service or special offer to existing customers?
> Is it to attract new customers?

Each of these objectives may require differing styles of mail-out design. Having a clear idea of the market and/or demographics is another factor. It is critical that the information you are sending out is relevant to the recipients, which ensures quality enquiries.

Success Factors

Direct Mail Marketing is not a precise science, response rates can vary dramatically depending on:

> Content
> Relevance
> Region selection
> Presentation
> Frequency
> Response handling

It is important to have a realistic expectation of the response rate achievable. 2% is considered very successful; however, around 1% is more usual.

How good is your offer? Your offer should help them save money, solve a problem or in some way improve their life. Otherwise, it’s a non-starter.

Don’t lead with price. Obviously, if your product or service is priced too high, your response rate will be low. On the other hand, a low price offer isn’t the best way to grab the reader’s interest. Emphasize the product’s benefits and the many ways in which it will fulfill the reader’s needs. Then let them in on the price.

Make it very clear, who people should call and what they should ask for. Give them the link to a website that’s specifically about your product, not your company home-page. The easier it is for people to find out what they want to know, the more widgets you’ll sell.
Region Selection

Do your home work and analyze What your potential customers are?

Which Area is best for you? Which is Your Target Market? APFD is always keen to advice our clients if they need any professional advice.

The piece has to look good. People these days have become fairly sophisticated when it comes to design and imagery. You can’t just throw something together and expect readers to get excited about it. Pay attention to how the direct mail piece looks. Is it easy to read? Can you get the idea quickly or are there too many words and images in the way? Always choose a good quality paper when it comes to printing the material.

Distribute regularly to keep your product or service in the minds of your (potential) customers. Newspapers recommend running your ad for six months to ensure consumers notice you. That can be a very costly exercise. One mail-out can give you immediate results that are measurable.
Response Handling

Any enquiries should be professionally handled and followed up. The phone number or email address provided on the leaflet or advertising material should be properly working and professionally answered.

Australia has a unique tradition of household letterbox distribution, which far outstrips other media options in cost effectiveness and sheer popularity with retailers and consumers alike. Australia’s leading retailers spend 60% to 70% of their advertising budgets on LETTERBOX ADVERTISING because 57% of all recipients make a purchase as a Direct result of receiving it.

Direct mail works well for most businesses – it not only helps you FIND new customers, it helps you HANG ON to them once you’ve got them!

Consumers continue to need products and services, so why shouldn’t they use yours? Create a presence and ensure they call you FIRST and APFD can help you do it all – To GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR DIRECT MAIL CAMPAIGN.

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