Can Brochures Do Wonders for Your Business?

According to a recent research report, 80% of customers consider visiting a business they saw in brochures. Yes, brochures are nothing less than a novelty in this paperless-world. The research report also adds that 95% of the customers who obtained the brochure became aware of the business.  Brochure distribution in Sydney is one of the cost-effective strategies to reach the target audience in a short time.

Print Brochures

Businesses must start printing brochures today as it established credibility and makes information readily available for the target audience. A print brochure gives your audience the opportunity to revisit your service or product at their convenience. A well-designed brochure with compelling content can convey core ideas with your customers, introduce new products and services, explain existing products, and more. In some cases, customers will also pass on the print brochures to other potential customer, which means an even wider distribution of your information.

Essential Components of an Effective Brochure Design

Following are the integral components of a successful brochure design that brings in more leads to your business.

  • Engaging Graphics: Include graphics that fit into your business brochures as they can provide an eye-catching appeal to the overall design of the brochure.
  • Charts & Graphs: Highlight sales figures and maps that educate about your business and help them locate you. You can also add photos of your store or service team to improve the credibility of your business.
  • Coupons and Promotions: One of the perfect options for your brochures is coupons & promotions about an upcoming event or sale. These coupons and promotions attract the attention of your customers and give them a reason to try out your service at discounted prices.

Distribute Your Brochures Wisely

Unless you get your brochures into the right hands, they will not do any good for you and your business. So, brochure delivery in Sydney is significant and distributing them to the right audience is the key. Here are a few tips for brochure distribution in Sydney and get the most out of it.

  • Display the brochures in the reception area where you can make the first impression to your visitors.
  • If you are delivering a product to your customer, attach brochures with the packaged product.
  • Join hands with a brochure or flyer distribution service providers to distribute brochures to your potential customers. Hiring them can significantly save your marketing costs.
  • Display the brochures in shopping malls and business centres where there is a high volume of visitors.
  • Distribute your brochures at events.

Knowing on your target audience and reaching them is the best way to get the most out of your business brochure. If you are having any difficulty in doing this, you can hire a partner who prints and distributes brochures and business flyers in Sydney for you.


Are Flyers Still a Consumer Staple in this Digital World?

Do you think flyers are old-fashion in this digital era? Many marketers believe that several digital marketing strategies and digital flyers had made a significant impact on printed flyers. But, customers still love printed flyers, and it seems that they can do without any printed promotions. Since customers demand flyers, you must have business flyers in Sydney to stay ahead of the competition and show your customer that you are in business. Here are a few other reasons listed to help you learn why flyers are still in the game in this digital era.

Cost-effective Option

Unlike the expensive world of offline media or paying for advertising space, flyers are extremely cost-effective and can provide a high return on investment. You don’t need to have a huge budget for your letterbox distribution in Sydney.

Lead Generation

Most of the times, marketing emails are deleted before they are even opened. But, it’s very easy to get flyers into the hands of your target audience and make them read. Flyer distribution can be a useful lead generation tool if you are distributing the flyers at the right time and the right place.

Add a Personal Touch

Handing a flyer to your potential customer adds a personal touch to your message and creates a good relationship with them. Convincing your potential customers to get the flyers means that they are going to look at it again later. So, it provides better results more than any one-time advertisements.

Easy to Make

Printing flyers are simple, and all it takes is a well-designed logo and a catchy tagline. A simple design can catch the attention of your target audience. Include key information and add a compelling call-to-action to increase the likelihood of people acting on it.

Why Hire a Flyer Distribution Service?

Choosing a letterbox distribution in Sydney helps you to attain new customers, maximise sales and deliver the right message to your target audience. The providers of pamphlet delivery in Sydney plan out an effective distribution process to take the flyers to your customers. Based on the type of your business, they will hand out flyers at public events such as presentations, shows, and fairs. The distributing company monitors the distributors and makes sure that the targeted customer receives the flyer without fail every time.

The Bottom Line

Flyers are essential in marketing, and they are still a great promotional tool compared to other methods. The quick turnaround and reactive nature are the business advantages of flyer promotions. Flyers are one of the interesting ways to attract people to your business and play a significant role in marketing, even under the dominance of digital channels.


Few Tips to Design an Effective Flyer for Your Business

One of the most effective ways of advertising you’re your business is the flyer and letterbox distribution in Eastern Suburbs. Most small and local businesses choose flyer and letterbox distribution as it is one of the cost-effective marketing options. Flyers distribution is the best ways to introduce your business to the people in a specific region or demographic. You can also choose flyer and letterbox distribution in Penrith to promote your new product and service to the local people near your business. You can target the office workers through flyer distribution to business directly. If you need to target the residential audience, you can opt for letterbox distribution. Here we have mentioned a few tips to design an effective flyer for your new business.

Know Your Audience

Before designing your flyer, you need to know your targeted audience. This helps you to craft the message with your audience in mind. Without knowing your audience, you can’t give clear information in the flyer. You may end up crafting the information that might not understood or attracted by your audience. So it’s important to know who will be consuming the information before determining how to design your flyer that portrays the message and call to action.

Include Call-To-Action in the Flyer

The call-to-action of the flyer you design should correlate with your current marketing strategy. For example, if you are trying to improve registration for a special event, your call-to-action can be “Register for the event now!” with a specific date to register and your contact information. Also, don’t use more than one call-to-action as it might confuse your audience. Choose a specific action and craft your flyer design around that specific action.

Provide a Clear Message

Having a great flyer design can convey the right message to your targeted audience in just a look. If your flyer or letterbox distribution in Eastern Suburbs makes the audience take more than a few seconds to understand the information in the flyer, your audience may lose their interest and miss the other information in the flyer. You can design your flyer with bold letters, highlights and underlines to draw the attention of your audience to the important message in your flyer and letterbox distribution.

Choose Correct the Color and Font

As thousands of font styles and colors are available, choosing the one that is apt for your business is a challenging task for you. A branding guide is necessary to help you in choosing the right font, color, logos, layouts and design for your flyer and letterbox distribution in Bankstown. While choosing the font style for your flyer, avoid using more than two types of font since it may interrupt the flow of the text. It may also shift the focus of the actual content of the flyer. In the case of choosing color, you need to choose the color based on the design and the content.


How Flyer Distribution Helps To Promote Special Event?

While you are going to organize any special events such as a cultural event, a concert, a store opening, a sports event, an exposition, etc. you need to advertise your event to the people. In this modern world, there are many ways to do this including word of mouth, radio, TV, print advertising campaigns and online campaigns. But, some of these methods will be challenging for small businesses. They may not have enough money to spend for classic integrated advertising campaign to advertise their event. This is why many companies choose the traditional but effective method of advertising such as flyer distribution in Bankstown. Here we have mentioned a few reasons why flyer distribution should be considered to advertise your event.

Target Your Audience

Flyer distribution in Sydney CBD is one of the great ways to reach your targeted audience by advertising your event. Since the flyers are distributed, they can be a great platform to promote your event to the particular audience whom you are focusing. You can also target a specific geographically distributed audience to advertise your event.


The next reason to choose flyer distribution in Bankstown is its tangible nature. You will reach half way of your objective once your targeted audience get the flyer and hold it. The next half is the action. It depends on your flyer design, print and the quality of your flyer. Most people are attracted by the design and the quality of the material, so you need to be specific in your needs. If the print provider can’t meet your expected quality, you need to move on to another to get the high quality one. This is not a negotiable aspect.


As the cost of flyer is comparatively low with the other forms of advertising, most small business can choose letterbox flyer distribution in Sydney to advertise your events. So using flyer distribution is one of the cost-effective ways to advertise your event to your targeted audience.

Creative Designs

If you are going to advertise your event with the help of flyers, you can be creative while preparing the flyer design. You can design your flyer with outstanding designs to gain the attention of your audience. It is also one of the ways to highlight your message to your audience. You can design your flyer in A4 or A5 with printed on both sides. Printing on both sides can help you have extra space and provide all the necessary messages to your audience. Some of the other means of attracting the audience are the folded finishes, silky or glossy or mat lamination and so on.



When all of the elements of a direct mail campaign work together, your business can successfully reach out to a wealth of potential new clients and exciting new sources of revenue.

How to Get the Most out of Your Direct Mail Marketing


Before you go down the road of a direct mail-out, ask yourself what you realistically hope to achieve from the exercise.

> Is it increased brand awareness?
> Is it to advertise a new product, service or special offer to existing customers?
> Is it to attract new customers?

Each of these objectives may require differing styles of mail-out design. Having a clear idea of the market and/or demographics is another factor. It is critical that the information you are sending out is relevant to the recipients, which ensures quality enquiries.

Success Factors

Direct Mail Marketing is not a precise science, response rates can vary dramatically depending on:

> Content
> Relevance
> Region selection
> Presentation
> Frequency
> Response handling

It is important to have a realistic expectation of the response rate achievable. 2% is considered very successful; however, around 1% is more usual.

How good is your offer? Your offer should help them save money, solve a problem or in some way improve their life. Otherwise, it’s a non-starter.

Don’t lead with price. Obviously, if your product or service is priced too high, your response rate will be low. On the other hand, a low price offer isn’t the best way to grab the reader’s interest. Emphasize the product’s benefits and the many ways in which it will fulfill the reader’s needs. Then let them in on the price.

Make it very clear, who people should call and what they should ask for. Give them the link to a website that’s specifically about your product, not your company home-page. The easier it is for people to find out what they want to know, the more widgets you’ll sell.
Region Selection

Do your home work and analyze What your potential customers are?

Which Area is best for you? Which is Your Target Market? APFD is always keen to advice our clients if they need any professional advice.

The piece has to look good. People these days have become fairly sophisticated when it comes to design and imagery. You can’t just throw something together and expect readers to get excited about it. Pay attention to how the direct mail piece looks. Is it easy to read? Can you get the idea quickly or are there too many words and images in the way? Always choose a good quality paper when it comes to printing the material.

Distribute regularly to keep your product or service in the minds of your (potential) customers. Newspapers recommend running your ad for six months to ensure consumers notice you. That can be a very costly exercise. One mail-out can give you immediate results that are measurable.
Response Handling

Any enquiries should be professionally handled and followed up. The phone number or email address provided on the leaflet or advertising material should be properly working and professionally answered.

Australia has a unique tradition of household letterbox distribution, which far outstrips other media options in cost effectiveness and sheer popularity with retailers and consumers alike. Australia’s leading retailers spend 60% to 70% of their advertising budgets on LETTERBOX ADVERTISING because 57% of all recipients make a purchase as a Direct result of receiving it.

Direct mail works well for most businesses – it not only helps you FIND new customers, it helps you HANG ON to them once you’ve got them!

Consumers continue to need products and services, so why shouldn’t they use yours? Create a presence and ensure they call you FIRST and APFD can help you do it all – To GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR DIRECT MAIL CAMPAIGN.

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